Have you ever experienced a depression obsession when you cannot think about anything but your pain, discomfort, and stress? If you have, you know how much of your energy and attention goes into staying there. While you wish you could be anywhere but there, you cannot find a way out. It is not uncommon to feel like you are stuck. Here we will explore ways to feel better as you heal yourself and move toward restored flow in body, mind, spirit, and life. 

Can Essential Oils help depression obsession? 

You have to believe that treatment will help your depression obsession if it will have any impact at all. The best cures on the planet will not have the power to heal you if you refuse to align and allow it to work. 

  1. Essential Oils can be used as an aromatic elixir that stimulates the senses and restores you to the present moment
  2. Essential Oils can be used as an inhalant to expand the lungs, improve oxygenation, and reduce unpleasant sensations in the body associated with depression
  3. Essential Oils can be mixed with a variety of nourishing oils to improve your skins detoxification properties and eliminate the burden of free radicals in the body
  4. Essential Oils can moisturize while eliminating inflammation causing microbes on the surface of the skin
  5. Essential Oils can be placed on pressure points and meridians throughout the body to reduce stress, release endorphins (positivity stimulating hormones), and improve focus

We believe strongly that Essential Oils can be used on their own or combined with your current treatment to improve your mood, your focus, and your overall disposition. Who does not want that? Ultimately, we all want to feel great and we want you to feel great, too. 

Essential Oils effective for depression obsession

Essential Oils most commonly used for depression obsession include a variety of easy to find and obscure oils. As with any medication or approach, you will need to explore for yourself to see what works best and what offers the most relief. You may also muscle test prior to purchase to be certain you are choosing a product that will work for you. As you would assume, every individual responds differently. Essential Oil users report great results from the following products but, you will still need to do your own trial and error to find what is most authentic to you and your needs. 

Keep in mind, you will enjoy one scent and outcome where another person will not. It is completely individual when it comes to oil preferences, outcomes, and expectations. Reportedly, most oils have certain properties, but not all oils affect people in the same way. Certainly, when it comes to preparing the right Essential Oil combinations for you, we will modify and adjust your recipe so that you benefit as much as possible. 

Here are some Essential Oils with great healing properties for depression obsession and empowering you to take life to the next level, overcoming limitations, and feeling restored, refreshed, and renewed:

Lavender  – Bergamot  – Basil – Frankincense  – Sandalwood  

Pine  – Egyptian Musk  – Geranium – Neroli  – Chamomile 

Each of these Essential Oils can be used individually or in combination to achieve the best results. Each one has properties that can support you in managing the symptoms of  depression obsession. Whether you are seeking relaxation, invigoration, inspiration , or aid in meditation, this list of amazing scents will bring you back to the present moment and allow you to more effectively move through any stuckness you feel.

So many of our clients just like you, have been looking for an alternative to the side effects and symptoms that prescription medication exacerbates. You do not need to white knuckle the discomfort anymore. There are many options that will help you and we look forward to helping you find what is best for you and your unique situation. 

Elain P. (Houston, TX) “I followed the directions as they were told to me and within a few days I noticed that I felt lighter and more energetic. Thank you Cindy and the staff at Holistic Oil Therapies. I do truly feel I am on the mend.”

Derek L. (Los Angeles, CA) “It has been a long time since I slept through the night. My depression medication makes me groggy all day and then I am up all night. The combination of oils I have been using is working. No more nodding out in the daytime. I am ready for bed at night. It is a God send.”

Jemma J. (New York, NY) “Wanting to get off my medication was scary until I found Cindy and her depression obsession protocol. It has been a slow, gentle, and deliberate shift to being med free. I am not having any side effects and I am empowered not to do it alone. Cindy, I am grateful for you and the team. Thank you.”

Best Ways to Benefit from Essential Oils:

  • Take a warm bath with Epsom Salts and your favorite Essential Oils 
  • Make your own diffuser with your preferred Essential Oils 
  • Create a personal inhaler using your favorite Essential Oils

Whether you are using your Essential Oils directly on your skin, diluted in a bath, or in as an aromatic in a diffuser or atomizer you are giving yourself the extra nurturing you deserve. Keep up your self care and continue to evolve yourself. Depression Obsession hasn’t got a chance when you are putting yourself first and pushing through whatever is in the way of your wholeness. 

We are always here for you so don’t hesitate to reach out for your complimentary consultation or post your questions in a note on our contact page so that we can provide you the answers you are looking for in an upcoming blog. 

Stay healthy and keep shifting! With love, Cindy