Living a holistic lifestyle, eating healthy and getting the rest you need is important and that is good common sense…and you can use good common scents to increase your feeling of well being effortlessly. Essential oils have been used as part of a personal health and wellness protocol through aromatherapy, homeopathy, and massage.  

Smelling Is Telling

Aromatherapy utilizes holistic therapeutic oils in combination with sterile water or a natural oil base to create a brilliant, scented mist. Many mists accentuate health by evoking a feeling of well being and sense of the outdoors. Historically, pine, rose, lavender, gardenia, and other earthy-toned scents inspire expansion and comfort in the human psyche. These good common scents deepen the connection to the outdoors (when you may not have access) and stimulate you to experience greater relaxation and invigorated energy. Sound good? 

You can use a variety of good common scents that have aromatic and absorptive impact on your body and mood. Try smelling bergamot, lavender, chamomile, pine, mint, and other essential oils in this scent profile; They cause a rich, deep sense of grounding and inspire calm while also invigorating. Like any perfume, essential oils stimulate the olfactory sense and cause the body to respond with a flow of endorphins; hormones that lower blood pressure, increase awareness, and mimic the sensations of falling in love. Who doesn’t want to feel all that goodness?


Feeling Is Healing 

Essential Oils offer powerful results because the user experiences the difference, first hand. In addition to the developing relationship with the practitioner, clients are supported in trying different scents that others have reported success with. For instance, a recent client with a long history of migraine headaches reported that her prescription  medication worked to reduce the duration of her pain from the onset of a migraine, but the addition of essential oils helped her develop a grounding and supportive routine that improved her condition even more.  

“When my migraines start, I use my oils to relax into the pain rather than resist it. This has provided a fast and effective way to get back to my life. Before my essential oils routine my migraines were debilitating. Now, they are mostly annoying. I seldom miss work anymore. I know what to do to help myself.” 

Another client with painful arthritis and other inflammatory symptoms came to me after deciding that taking medication was causing more side effects than improvement. Her decision to approach healing from a holistic and aromatherapeutic perspective was inspired by an article she read from WebMD indicating that the use of Essential Oils EO’s has radically improved the healing experience for many. Essential Oils stimulate a variety of neural pathways in the brain without dulling the senses, which cannot be said of many anti-inflammatory medications and pain killers. “Using aromatherapy and healthy nutrition has allowed me to stop taking medications that I had been on for over a decade.” 


Start Now 

These are just a few of the many positive outcome stories that I have heard from my clients and it always reminds me that we are in a great era in medicine. Through functional medicine, the East and West work well together in most cases and in other cases, Aromatherapy and Healing Oils is enough. Every situation is different and no one should ever stop their medical treatment without first consulting a doctor specializing in the combination of EOs and pharmacological care. Oftentimes, the combination of the two produces the best results.  

If you have been exploring, wondering if aromatherapy or the addition of essential oils will support and possibly accelerate your health and wellness, let’s discuss your options. Take advantage of a Complimentary Consultation now! We are committed to your healing and look forward to supporting you in feeling your best every day–healing yourself the rest of the way.